The DNA of Noir ‘n’ Bleu develops around an important vision:  imagine the essence of denim enclosed in the two colors that have most distinguished it from its origins, BLACK AND BLUE, from which an infinite series of tones gradually, converge toward white.

Noir n Bleu narrates the love and passion for denim, whose purpose is to represent the precious result of careful work dedicated to the pursuit of perfection.

A project based on the absolute freedom of experiment, like in a kaleidoscope, with all the combinations that creativity, technique, and experience transmitted to a young, sophisticated brand with great potential. The idea of the Denim Code is essentially based on two complementary influences:

the ROCK and the BOHO style, which are and will be an important reference for the brand.
The choice of a French name has a double meaning: the first one is a tribute to the city of Nimes, the place where indigo cloth was produced since the 1400s. The second is based on the memory of the French designers who contributed to the diffusion of the concept of collecting applied to denim.

Moreover, the brand plays with the combination of modern minimalism and the eternal beauty of vintage pieces. Mixing and challenging ideas of the old and the new. Today Noir n Bleu is committed day by day to using the highest quality materials, creating timeless and made-in-Italy garments, and conveying the idea that every pair of jeans tells a story, and every sign and tear is part of your journey.